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Online advertising is effective and limitless.


Our team of creative copywriters and highly trained communication designers adopt a unique marketing-oriented design approach to create your company profile, one that is exclusively yours which will stand out with pride.


QCfixer has a highly talented development team with a range of specialists ready to deliver the full range of mobile services as great mobile applications are more than lines of code. We build memorable, inspiring, remarkable and entertaining apps that will set your company apart.


Make your business to target your main target market with ease. Mini advertising sites and social media marketing builds your brand and business by drawing attention to your latest promotions, events and campaigns alongside other social media marketing and other online marketing tools.

Social Media

QCfixer allows website administrators able to easily update company information. QCfixer allows you to create updatable content, ensuring your website is as flexible, informative, and can be used to communicate with any user related to your business from your clients to other business partners.


Regardless of whether you have a physical store. The multilingual interface provides your online store with the ability to communicate with your potential clients in any of the hundreds of languages available. This empowers and enables your business to reach other countries, as well as other continents.

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We work closely with companies to understand their users while shaping and guide their mobile strategy. We love what we do, and our passion has established long-term relationships with our clients who share our belief in quality, user experience, and the power of great software to shape modern business.


We are the pioneers of online & web solutions